What customers want from Social Media

“Which is the best restaurant in the town to serve delicious brunch on a weekday?” “Where will I get all the information about latest trends?” When these questions by your customers get answered, you stand successful as a brand on Social Media.

The key to your marketing success lies in your Social Media strategy and most importantly, how well you understand your business. The businesses in this century are growing and we have reached a stage where it’s crucial to keep up with them to avoid losing significance on social platforms.

Here are a few things that a customer wants from Social Media:-

Give an answer to their question

Businesses need to understand their followers’ needs and realize what they actually want to experience. The main reason someone visits your page is to find an answer to a question and if your page isn’t providing them the thing that they are looking for, they are ought to leave the page in search of something that is more informative and can provide them with easily accessible information. Hence, it’s a necessity to keep your brand page updated to keep your audience happy and engaged.

About the brand

Before you enter the world of Social Media and have your brand presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more, cover the basics. To get the detailed information about the business, the costumer will search for things like website link, contact information and links to other social channels. Make sure the list of information that you’ve provided is accurate because, don’t forget, a customer’s time is precious too.

Amazing deals and exclusive offers

Who doesn’t like deals and offers? Your audience loves them too. Often people are constantly in search of contest and promotions to win giveaways or stay updated about the upcoming deals. Let them know about your deals through your announcements posts. The more value they get from the page, the more happy they are.

Exclusive Content

There are tons of social media pages out there which are enough to confuse the consumers. In this scenario, don’t leave your audience scratching their heads. Be it educating, entertaining, or engaging, ensure everything you post is helpful and most importantly exclusive for your audience.

Customers want their everyday questions to be answered briefly. Social Media channels are no less than a news channel today. Fun, entertainment and information go hand-in- hand


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