Consumer Perception in Advertising

Advertising is a very important thing for a brand to get the word out about their business and service. Advertising, today has become such an engaging and effective aspect of an everyday life. Additionally, advertising can also help grow a customer base which can help in yielding increased number of sales. Perception in the advertising industry is one of the fundamental factors for a business to evolve and grow and thereby increase the market value. But, perception in advertising includes a variety of factors which play a paramount role in the successful growth of a business!

Perception relates to the psychology of a consumer’s notion for a particular product or a service. It drives the deep-rooted sense of a consumer’s will to obtain that particular product or service. Advertising usually strives to create an appeal that a consumer will sought for. Needless to say, the perception of a brand’s image can make or break the appeal a product or services depicts. Perception is what drives the appeal of a consumer when it comes to a brand’s product or service.

The role of a consumer’s attitude towards a brand can be known by the perceived attributes of a brand. Public perception towards a brand comes from the multiplicity of aspects and also changes, depending on the public. The recent debacle of Samsung with its smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7, is the perfect situation which describes consumer’s perception swiftly changing from one of the favoured smartphones to a least one. There are certain ways a brand can alter consumer perception but in the end, how a consumer perceives a product.

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