Augmented Reality to aid businesses!

Augmented reality is creating wonders across the web. Experts too believe that it is the right time to surf over the wave Augmented Reality. Advertising with the help of augmented reality is providing marketers with a tremendous advantage because it makes ads engaging, interactive, and efficient. The technology is in constant innovation mode which in turn performs well on smartphones and tablets where the hardware is available, and the usage is intuitive and understanding.

The technology is evolving, and in the coming years, AR will enable users to try clothes without actually wearing them or help find a piece of furniture which will actually fit the interior. All this with a help of Android or iPhone augmented reality app. So, taking a cue from the prowess of this invincible
technology, there are lot many reasons as to why businesses should look forward to investing in the
augmented reality.

Here are a few reasons why AR can be used to boost marketingtechn

Unique yet recognizable: Augmented Reality is different from the stereotype tools of promotion and holds the potential surprise the brand’s customers and create the buzz. Also, it helps in generating a greater brand recall.

More Viral: The most exciting function that AR enables is the ability to connect the online and offline worlds. It creates the buzz which leads to increased word of mouth promotion and social sharing further leading to the higher acquisition of new customers.

Room for personalization: Augmented reality allows the creator to customise content exceptionally well, which enables to express users to relate themselves with the brand and raises the level of user engagement compared to the standard media content.

Interactivity reaps retention: Investing in interactive means of promotion do earn customer retention. The interactiveness of brand lets it lead amongst the competitors’ and consumers’ list

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