Artificial Intelligence – Changing Perception of Brand Marketing

Technology has reached heights which could not have been fathomed in the past few decades. The constant evolution has led brands to adapt new experiences and create an invigorating experience of storytelling. With in-vehicle entertainment platform, advertising has become the sixth sense of a brand. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), technology has reached maximum heights as it goes beyond processing and computing. With raw online data, computing and structuring them has become the hot thing of the present.

The growth of unstructured data has become simplistic thanks to today’s millennials who share their preferences via various social media channels and surveys. With brands raging continuous battle to grab customer attention, the modern landscape of advertising requires a constant frequency of ad channels and artificial intelligence acts as the driving element for the brands.

The vast expanse of online landscape has created brand interactions more personalised. As data deciphering is improving, so is the brand interactions with its customers. With accurate data provided to enhance personalised targeting, brands are opting for artificial intelligence more and more. With new AI-powered tools to calculate the ad analytics, the platforms for programmatic ads are constantly experimenting for the right impact.

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