Be ahead in the marketing race with 2016’s dominant Social Media Marketing Trends.

Have you started leveraging social media to grab digital marketing success this year? It’s time you evaluated your social media strategies and separated the good from under-delivering ones. The time is right and ripe to create and execute a unique social media strategy as the market is now full of copycat ideas. So let’s take a look at some very effective and practical social media trends that will help you conquer the market in 2016.
Commerce of being social
Two biggest social media brands Pinterest and Facebook have accepted social commerce with open arms. Now both platforms have added “buy” button so that advertisers can now directly sell all their products through social media. People can now buy the products of their choice with ease from here. This approach to marketing is new and now its impact is increasing, hence will soon be adopted by other social media platforms too.

Seeing is believing
“Content was king”, yes, in some ways it’s true. The year 2016 has ushered a new age of video content, which in coming years will see an exponential growth. You can use videos in many different ways for marketing, like educational videos, entertainment videos, explainer videos etc. The ball is now in your court as to how you want to use videos in your social media campaigns. Make the videos relevant and you will definitely generate relevant interests.

The social search engine
It’s time for businesses to now start focusing on expanding their social media search capabilities along with search engines. Search engines by default are more focused on textual content, but people, in general, are more interested in videos, trusted reviews and pictorial searches. This is where social searches get an upper hand. So if your intention is to grab eyeballs (which is everyone’s intention) then start making changes and set in the right direction of getting ahead in the social search arena.

Be mobile friendly
Who would have thought in the age of super-sized LED TV’s, comparatively small screen smartphones will take the world by storm. Mobility here is of great importance, people are always on the move, and it’s only the smart phones that keep them connected to the rest of the world. Users will constantly be active on social media through their mobile phones. So making your website, apps etc. mobile-friendly is of immense importance. Changes have come in marketing formats and many more changes are yet to come. But at present, changing your strategies according to social media happenings is of ultimate importance to get growth and sometimes even to survive in this mobile world.

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