Advertising: Is it all about selling something or more?

How many of us go through an ad with great interest? Most of us either end up skipping an ad or just flip the page and move on. One of the best proof for that is the increase in the use of ad blockers all around the world. People have a particular perspective about advertisements and mostly it’s the fact that an ad is just selling something to us. The mental block created in people’s mind with respect to this comes in the form of rejecting the ad altogether. Somewhere things are going amiss and the question is how to change people’s perspective for good? The two major points that companies and ad agencies can think about are as follows:

A role player and need based

Every product or service crops up only because it has some role to play in people’s life. If that role can be maintained with sustainable communication via advertising then the effect of ads are multiplied. The audience will find the ad more endearing and not merely a waste of time. When audience truly feels you are addressing their needs in a manner that comes across as caring, then definitely people will care to go through your ads. A particular brand or product is not what we tell them it is, but what people tell each other as to what it means to them. Instead of just focusing on creating new wants we should focus on real needs of people, as there numerous amounts of needs that people have.

Coming across as a solution

People all around the world face different issues and problems. There are different solutions to address these problems and one of those effective solutions can come in the form of products or services. If people feel that someone is addressing their problem in an ingenious and innovative manner then you can expect people to always support you by availing your products and services. As with any relationship, a relation between consumer and seller also depends on faith and trust. Once this trust is built around a brand or product by properly addressing their needs and problems in your advertisements, then you have truly made a worthwhile ad to go through and act upon. Ads may have started out in the past with such thoughts and ideas by caring for people’s needs and bringing out solutions to their problems. But as time passed we lost touch with the core values, coming across as superficial to the audience. These were just some of the ways to make advertisements play a greater role in our life, we are sure there are many such approaches.

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