Advertising – The 6 Second Game

In the world of creative storytelling, the less is more. The short attention spans of the millennials have created brands and businesses to evolve their brand engagement into as less time as possible and yet create a good impact. Today, brands have evolved their ads into shorter formats for the consumption of the audience.

Somewhere, it was inevitable that advertising will adapt into a new scenario where the ads will be less intrusive and yet create a lasting impression. Maybe that’s how Google came with the six second spots by announcing an activation at Sundance, which launched both in Park City and YouTube.

The push for the six-second video is one of the big aspects of advertising by Google. The essential element, capturing the viewer’s attention is a challenge which requires creativity and engagement. The beauty of the this format is its fast-pacing. Creating a powerful imagery with engaging story can augment a brand’s element in the minds of the audience by the time it’s over.

Six-second format has redefined advertising in the digital media now. From YouTube to Facebook and other popular social media channels, everyone is trying to share their story within the six second time-frame. When are you going to?

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