Ads, Kids, Morals & Ethics

Advertising is become more and more forward-thinking. Brands are doing everything in their power to woo the consumers today. Persuading emotionally to a consumer requires a variety of strategies and techniques. And one such way to influence the decision is through children. Kids acts as an intermediary between an entertaining ad campaign and a consumer. Hence its not a stretch to say that children are the best influencers when it comes to a buying and also are the possible future consumers.

For advertisers, children represent a large demographic. The power of autonomy over their parents can play a crucial role when it comes to decision-making. Fast food, toys, clothing and gaming are generating brand recognition right from an infant age so that at later age, there is more positive outcome. And with cross-promotions of products by tying them with toys, movies, merchandise or even theme parks, it has become one of the significant aspects for a brand to showcase their product. This has made the advertising industry to focus their ads and campaigns on children.

But to effectively market to kids, brands need to know the intricacy of a kid’s mind and how it resonates with a product. Advertising, in and of itself, is detrimental when it comes to demography of children. For some, marketing targets emotions while for others, its all about flaunting newest product. This can undermine critical thinking & overwhelm to buy impulsively. The advertising industry are self-imposed by laws so that there isn’t any advantage taken of a kid’s naivety or make them feel inferior. But in this cut-throat world of advertising where having an edge matters a great deal, can we be sure that the self-imposed laws are actually in favour of kids?

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