The 360 Degree of Advertising

Advertising has grown quite a lot in the last couple of years. Today, each and every business is vying for the limelight. The industry has been abuzz with innovative techniques coming up for consumer attention. With the arrival of Virtual Reality, a huge dam has been opened. The ability to have a first hand experience of what a brand is trying to impart is somewhat exciting. If you feel like brushing up on Virtual Reality, you can scroll through Advertising and Virtual Reality.

One of the best things to evolve due to a virtual system is a brand’s ability to showcase their brand value which would resonate with the targeted audience. Video ads are one of them and are growing quite exponentially at present age. But a 360 Video Advertising has become the talk of the town. With its potentially revolutionary format, a 360 video ad is significantly helping get more engagement than standard ads. The immersive storytelling experience can lead a brand to be in the spotlight for all the right reasons.

A 360 video ad has ushered a new medium of digital advertising. The interaction rate with a 360 ad is much more than the standard video ad. The world is increasingly focusing on mobile more than ever and a 360 video is a great step into really immersive experiences. Engagement rate also is much more driven in a promising way. The novelty of viewing experience not only engages but also drives the traffic, which if properly utilised, can help generate quite a buzz for a brand.

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